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The Teton Sports 5200 hiking backpack is a durable, internal frame backpack, suitable for long treks in the wilderness, but may be too much for the casual hiker.

The backpack comes in two semi-bright colors, Aztec blue and Mars red, which come in handy while trekking in groups, as the colors make it easier to spot a wayward hiker. The colors also add decent accents to the pack, distinguishing it from other hiker’s backpacks.

The Teton Sports 5200 hiking backpack has huge holding capacity. The backpack’s main compartment loads from the top, which makes looking for certain items a hassle at times, and can hold, on average, 7-10 days of clothes and gear. The Teton Sports 5200 hiking backpack also offers a sleeping bag compartment, and an expandable section on the front for additional, easy access, storage.

The pack weighs 6.6 pounds just by itself, so expect even higher numbers once it’s filled. The internal frame will disperse the weight evenly across average sized people, though is not a great choice for taller, or smaller, heights. It’s true that the shoulder straps on this pack are adjustable, but the pack will improperly fit some people, causing more harm than good.

There are hidden pockets on each side of the pack that are useful for quick access to first-aid kits, maps, compasses, snacks, and flashlights. A yellow rain fly is also included with the pack, available at the top, to protect the pack, and its contents, from rapid downpours.

The Teton Sports 5200 hiking backpack is also compatible with most hydration systems. The pack, itself, doesn’t come with a hydration bladder, but will accommodate one bought separately. The extra 10L this backpack offers is a detachable compartment at the top of the pack. Once detached, it makes for a great fanny pack for day trips. There have been complaints, though, that the fanny pack is too cumbersome.

There are a lot of straps and clips on this bag that may overwhelm some, but overall it’s a sturdy and useful pack. Always try on backpacks before buying. This ensures the pack will fit properly and reduce any hassle, or possible injury, afterwards.

Overall, the Teton Sports 5200 hiking backpack is a good buy for anyone–from the casual hiker to the expert–in need of a pack big enough for long hiking or camping trips. You can find this and many more outdoor and hiking backpacks here style=!

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