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This backpack is not one of the cheap hiking backpacks today. It can easily fit any location. Its size is also small as comparing to the external or internal frame backpacks. It can carry the weight up to the 5 kg (11 lbs). The external frame backpack is designed for the hiking purpose so the explorers actually use it extensively. It is very much expensive and can withstand the heavy load, which can carry up to 14 kg(30 lbs). Therefore, the Kelty Lakota hiking backpack is the exception in this regard.
It performs according to it’s the brand identity. The brand, Kelty is very popular in the hiking community since its inception in 1952. Since its first inception, Kelty Lakota 65 hiking backpack continues to upgrade its technology so that the hikers can make their hiking experience memorable. Nowadays, a special type of backpack is making photographer and laptop users.

The photographic backpacks are making for carrying the photographic gears and equipment whereas the laptop backpacks are being made for protecting the laptop from being damaged during traveling.

Kelty Lakota Hiking Backpack Review

As far as this hiking backpack is concerned, it has many formidable features, which will satisfy any traveler. If you are thinking about the hydration compatibility then your
Kelty Lakota
hiking backpack will give you the maximum drinking support. Because the water is a very much essential element for any hiker for preventing themselves from dehydration in hot climate. As you travel, more miles then your body will constantly need of water to sustain your walking. Therefore, the hydration bladder in the Kelty Lakota 65 hiking backpack will provide you the quick supply of water when you need it. Its hydration bladder is very high quality.

The top-loading feature of this backpack is quite wider, so, you can load any big sized belonging in it. You can do it without any trouble. The sleeping bag compartment in this backpack is more spacious as compared to the other backpack brands. Therefore, you can manage big sized sleeping bag in it. There are many front accesses in this backpack. You may access your daily belongings from the front access quickly when you need most.

The mesh water bottle pockets are very much useful for fulfilling a quick water thirst during travel walking or hiking. The load stabilizer straps are the useful components of the Kelty Lakota hiking backpack. These straps are well built to support the load balancing of traveling goods. It is very much important because it will give you much load stability, which you will never see it in the cheap hiking backpacks. The spindrift collar of this backpack will secure your backpack, as it will prevent the unauthorized access from the outside into the inside of the backpack. It is a very important feature of the Kelty Lakota hiking backpack. For the mountaineers, the ice axe is the multifunctional tool for the mountaineers. Therefore, for keeping this tool in the backpack, this backpack has a couple of loops for holding these ice axes.

The cheap hiking backpacks will never give you this facility. The key fob is security hardware for the backpack to prevent the unauthorized access from the outside. The internal divider in the Kelty Lakota 65 hiking backpack is very much useful to divide the various goods placement in single section. The highly foam waist belt is being used in the Kelty Lakota hiking backpack. This belt protects the hiker from lumber pain after long carry of the backpack. The dual aluminum stays are not easily seen in the cheap hiking backpacks, but you will get it in the backpack. If you need greater lumber support then the dual aluminum stays will work wonderfully. Because it will help to adjust your back support according to your ease. This eminent feature will be rarely seen in the cheap hiking backpacks.

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