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Spring is almost gone and summer is on its way when summer comes so does all the fun outdoor activities that we love to do. Hiking has always been one of my favorite things to do. This year I am actually even more excited to get out hiking as I just purchased the High Sierra Pack. I used it once last year and was absolutely thrilled with it and can hardly wait to use it again.

This High Sierra Pack is definitely a must to look at. If you do any kind of hiking at all give this one a chance. It comes with an incredible 90- liter capacity in a bulk-free 6-pound pack. I am sure you are thinking what I was thinking that’s an awful lot to carry on ones back. You would never even know it’s there, seriously it was so comfortable. It is the perfect bag for those longer trips. It has smart features like the top, bottom, and front access points. It also has extra pockets and straps that will ensure that you will have no trouble getting organized on your next adventure.

High Sierra Pack

I also love The High Sierra Pack and the way that it is constructed. Trust me this pack is so easy on your back, it’s comfortable and you don’t know it’s there. It is constructed of an ultra-durable Grid-Weave Duralite as well as Mini-Weave Duralite and then with an even tougher duraweave for the bottom of the pack.  The top loading main compartment has drawstrings that are gusseted and the top lid is adjustable. It as well has 3 access points for easy retrieval of anything in the bag. There is also a divider in the compartment that has the drop-bottom sleeping bag. The more I explain about this pack the more I get excited about using it.

The High Sierra Pack also has a front flap with adjustable straps that will help you in carrying extra gear. Lots of extra gear can be packed trust me. It also comes with soft lashing hardware that holds ice ax or a hiking pole if needed.  You can also adjust the High Sierra Pack to fit your back as you can adjust the contoured aluminum frame bars. This guarantees you will have a snug bulk-free fit. Trust me it fits like a glove. Your back will stay cool in all kinds of weather as it comes with a molded foam back panel with airflow channels. It also comes with the Ergo-fit shoulder harness that has adjustable load lifters this ensures that this pack is a very comfortable carry.

Regardless of what you pack in your High Sierra Pack your load is stabilized with side and bottom compression straps. The bag also comes hydration reservoir ready. It also comes with a removable media pocket which is attached to backpack straps; this will keep your MP3 player dry. I have tried to tell you all the great things about this High Sierra Pack; this pack is everything a hiker has ever dreamed of in a pack. The dimensions of the pack are 10.8×33.5×15.5 inches. It weighs 7.5 pounds. This is amazing for such a pack that offers everything. Even when filled to the top one still does not feel the weight.

The High Sierra Pack is not hard to find yet I am sure if you don’t get one soon it may be. As soon as everyone realizes how great this High Sierra Pack is I wouldn’t be surprised if they starting selling like hotcakes. When looking at reviews for the High Sierra Pack on Amazon I found 20 reviews and 14 of them was 5 stars the other 6 were 4 stars. There were really not many negative comments made on this pack. The one comment made is that this pack is made for larger people. The comment made is if you have a 26-inch waist this pack isn’t for you. Other than that I don’t think anyone can go wrong with the High Sierra Pack. You can find more great deals in outdoor and hiking backpacks here style=!

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