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New Cuscus 75+10L Hiking Backpack

That’s it spring is almost over and that can only mean one thing, summer is coming. With summer comes the fun and excitement of all the great outdoor activities that we all love to do. One of my favorite activities is hiking; there is no better way to spend a sunny day. Yet I am always on the lookout for that perfect pack. With the CUSCUS 75 10L Hiking Backpack I think I have finally found that perfect pack.
So now, of course, you will ask why do I think that the CUSCUS 75 10L Hiking Backpack is the best? So let me tell you about this product and then you will see why it’s the best. It is made of polyester and has a total of 8 pockets. It has a top lid pocket for a compass, map or any other small essentials you need to bring or even your raingear. It then has 2 front zippered pockets of average size than can hold quite a bit. It also has two large zippered side pockets, which are quite large and can carry a wide assortment of things you may need. There are also two side stretch pockets great for a water bottle.

The CUSCUS 75 10L Hiking Backpack also comes with a separate sleeping bag compartment with a detachable divider from the main compartment which makes for easier access. It also comes with extra webbing holders that one can use to attach additional gear to the outside of the pack. There’s more, it has many tightening straps with buckles for the user to secure the backpack. There is a PVC coating on the inside which provides excellent water protection. This is important cause as we know the rain loves to visit us when we are hiking. This strong and durable CUSCUS 75 10L hiking Backpack fits torso’s of 15 to 21.5 inches. It also fits waists/hips of 30 to 59 inches.

I know just using this CUSCUS 75 10L Hiking Backpack a few times I am sold this is the best I have ever used. There are even more product descriptions. This has an internal frame backpack with a capacity of 5,400 cubic inches or 75 liters. Whether you use the top or the front of the pack you have easy access to the main compartment. It is also so lightweight and comfortable when wearing. It has a heavily padded back panel, shoulder and waist straps and this sure does add to the comfort. It measures 15x30x12 and weighs only 5 pounds.

Cuscus 75 10L Hiking Backpack Review

I am not too sure what else can be said about this CUSCUS 75 10L Hiking Backpack that I haven’t already said. I did see 25 reviews on Amazon and 21 of them were a 5 or a 4-star review. The one negative comment I heard on this pack was the inner stitching wasn’t as strong as they thought it would be. Yet it was repaired quickly and they were very happy with that service. The majority of the reviews praised the durability and quality of the CUSCUS 75 10L Hiking Backpack. Most that left reviews were as well impressed with the affordable price of this pack considering all that you get. I have actually seen these packs listed for $89.00 and more in some places. Yet I did see them priced on Amazon for $39.95. Now that is an amazing deal. I would seriously for that price buy a few and give them to friends and family as gifts.
So with the nice weather approaching fast and ideas of hiking entering your thoughts I would highly recommend this backpack. The price is exceptional, the quality is almost incomparable to any other I have seen and all those positive reviews can’t all be wrong. This is a great choice of a backpack and I am sure will help you with all your hiking needs. Happy hiking and enjoy your summer. You can find many more great deals on hiking backpacks here style=!


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  • Posted January 29, 2012

    Bags Manufacturer

    Good design of the Hiking Backpack, it is a good partner for us to travel.

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