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Well, the summer time is here and the time to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy it. We have been cooped up all winter for way to long and need to get out enjoy the wonderful weather. This can be done in many different ways depending on what you interest. Mine has always been camping and hiking. A few times a summer I like to camp into the bush, do some fishing and hunting, and come back to camp. With the Badlands 2800 Backpack, I can do this. There is so much room in this backpack I can bring more out then I take in, I love it.

The Badlands 2800 Backpack is exactly what the name applies, which is bad, which is really good. It is everything one will ever need in a backpack and much more. The problem with many backpacks is that they are so limited for room, you will not find this with the Badlands 2800 Backpack. It has so much space and carrying area it’s awesome. This is one of the most durable and convenient backpacks I have ever used. I am sure when you see all it has to offer you will feel the same way as well.

Let’s take a look at what is has to offer:

  • Large 2800 cubic inch internal frame backpack for comfortable packing of heavy loads with 4 compartments and 5 pockets
  • Adjustable T 6 aircraft aluminum internal stays with anatomical molded foam lumbar waist belt and perfect fit shoulder straps
  • KXO 32 camo fabric is extremely durable and quiet
  • Large front pockets split apart to accommodate carrying game quarters
  • Built in rain cover
  • Weight- 4 pounds 15 ounces
  • Dimensions- 25”x 14”x8”
  • Capacity- 2875 cubic inches
  • Number of pockets – 7 in total
  • Spotting scope- yes

Badlands 2800 Hiking Backpack Review

When purchasing the Badlands 2800 Backpack you know you are purchasing quality. Badlands is the world leader in hunting pack technology. Without question, they make the best hunting backpacks on the planet, asks anyone that has ever used one and they will tell you so. Whether it’s a short early season scouting trip or a two-week trip Badlands has the right backpack for your needs.
Badlands itself has been in the industry for over 11 years. They started out making some of the finest mountaineering packs in the world. The technology at Badlands has always been the most cutting edges on the market, and still is today, by far. The experts realized there seemed to be lacking the perfect backpack for the hunter. They never turned back and voila they brought us products like the Badlands 2800 backpack and have made every hunter very happy. They are also so confident in their product that regardless of what happens to it they will fix it. No questions asked they don’t care how you bought it either if it carries the Badlands name on it that’s all they need to make you backpack back to new. There is no way you can beat that kind of guarantee.

This Badlands 2800 Backpack is all you will ever need in a hunters backpack. You will never again wonder if you have enough room to bring that game back with you, you will. You don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of the backpack as you know this one has it. Also, if for some slim chance that something does happen or something does go wrong with this backpack it’s covered by the most incredible warranty I have ever heard of. That to me just proves they at Badlands have in the quality of their product. You will find these backpacks very reasonable priced as well. Especially considering the amazing quality that you get as well as the incredible warranty. So if needing a great backpack make sure to check this one out it’s definitely worth the money. You can find even more great deals on camping, hiking, and outdoor backpacks here style=.

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