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ati sierra 80 hiking backpack

ATI Sierra80 Hiking Backpack is an efficient way to enjoy your backpacking adventure. With a backpack like this, you will feel secure on the trek. Load anything you like in it and you can go for days or weeks while discovering new places and savoring every moment spent. The very aspect that makes this pack special is the convenience that it offers to its users. What every hiker looks for in a backpack are its lightweight features, volume, support, and straps and zippers. The Sierra80 has everything you desire in your ideal hiking bag.

What makes the ATI Sierra80 Hiking Backpack a must-have backpacking gear? This top and front loading pack is spacious indeed that it has a separate compartment just for a sleeping bag. This portion can be easily detached with a zipper that divides it from the rest of the bag. It has a hydration sleeve with a smart exit port. If you want a hands-free hydration while trekking you can have the reservoir which is sold separately.

It also comes with 2 aluminum stays which promotes adequate torsional flex and stiffness. Its torso length is adjustable to fit the torso and has more room for growth depending on the person’s body height. Its shoulder straps are wide, well contoured, and foam padded. Its waist belt is also padded and it can be adjusted according to waist size. The weight pack can be equally transferred to your hips. With a strong and well-padded waist belt, your back won’t feel all the strain from the load. Other features which help distribute the weight evenly to your body are compression straps on the side and straps for sleeping pad. These straps practically help control and stabilize the load. It also has chest buck straps for additional stability and padded lower back for additional support.

The ATI Sierra80 Hiking Backpack has a lot of space which is a great thing because you can easily find your things without taking everything out first. It comes with a lot of pockets including 3 zippered pockets with one in front and two on the sides. There are also additional pockets on the side for keeping and holding accessories and water bottles. Apart from great accommodation, the materials used are of good quality.

ATI Sierra 80 Hiking Backpack Review

Its back panel is made of a chimney style mesh material which helps increase ventilation for additional comfort while on the trail. The entire pack is PVC coated which is a layer that helps in waterproofing the entire pack. Another impressive thing about it is its rain cover which protects the bag during wet conditions. There are also D rings hanging on shoulder straps for you to put incorporate more accessories.

The ATI Sierra80 Hiking Backpack fits torsos that are 15 to 21.5 inches long and fits hips or waists that are 28 to 50 inches wide. It weighs six pounds and can accommodate 4900 cubic inches of stuff. This feature alone makes the Sierra80 a wonderful day pack. You can have a choice of two colors – red and navy blue. Whatever color yo
u may choose you will surely receive the guarantee in quality.

However, when packing your things in it, make sure that you do not pack it too tightly because it might cause the sides to open. Additionally, if you pack more than the ideal storage weight of the bag, the straps might break and your back could end up being hurt.

This ATI backpack is not an expensive buy. The moment you will use this pack you will immediately realize your money’s worth. You do not have to worry about an extra sweaty back from all the hiking. With the ATI Sierra80 Hiking Backpack, your back can be well ventilated with its chimney style mesh panel. The materials are ultra light allowing more air to circulate freely.

If you want an easy to use and spacious bag, this pack can be a practical pick. Ideal for both male and female, this hiking backpack surely delivers comfort and stability while one the road. The frames do not bring pressure on the back and the shoulder straps, waist straps, and chest buckles straps provide just the right level of customization.

It can fit snugly to your body without putting pressure on the areas.  Plus, the pockets are so accessible and spacious. The ATI Sierra80 Hiking Backpack is indeed a great value for money. When you buy this product, you won’t have to worry about buying another one in a couple of years. You can find more amazing outdoor and hiking backpacks here style=.

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