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ATI 95

Available in 3 colors

Whether you are looking for a cheap hiking backpack for your occasional adventure in the wild, if you are leaving for a road trip or if you are a skilled hiking enthusiast, the ATI Rainier95 hiking backpack ( the brand new model of the ATI rainier series) is the perfect choice for you.  From its comfortable shape and to its advanced features, every detail make the ATI Rainier one of the most desirable and even affordable backpack around.  Unlike many other cheap hiking backpacks available on the market, the ATI Rainier95 is an extremely durable item and a trustable backpack that will match perfectly to your needs and keep up with your own pace during your hiking excursions or exciting backpacker adventure on the road.

The ATI Rainier provides superior comfort due to an optimal compromise between the stiffness of the load support and the torsional flex, courtesy of its adjustable torso length, thought out to leave a good room range for your movements and designed to fit your body shape without loading your back with unnecessary aches and fatigue. Ulterior comfort is provided by the foam pads and contoured straps to be placed on your shoulder. The optional adjustable waist belt is another great tool available on this backpack to balance the weight of your ATI Rainier smoothly, transferring all the heaviness to your hips.

When hiking or staying on the road, carrying your essential load in the correct way is vital, to maintain your energy and avoid to get tired and feel the need to stop very often.  The strong constitution of this backpack and its modern ergonomically superior design are unique and the ATI Rainier is an outstanding product among other cheap hiking backpacks.  The design of  this particular model is brought to the next level by mesh back panels that help air to transpire, offering a pleasant ventilation, as well as improved by a clever set of side compression straps which add further stability to your load, which will also be efficiently protected by the internal coating in PVC material, perfect to shield your goods from water or an extremely wet environment.

ATI Rainier95 Hiking Backpack Review

The ATI Rainier95 hiking backpack  features a greatly useful series of gadgets and features that aren’t all that common or easy to find  in many other cheap hiking backpacks –
at least not as featured in the ATI Rainier, enriched by its superior quality and design:

A practical set of removable D rings on shoulder straps make it easier to hang accessories that you might need to have handy on the road, and if you are choosing to travel lighter, you can remove a section of the ATI Rainier to create a daypack, ideal for shorter walks or hiking sessions right out of your base camp. This particular feature adds extra value.  Unlike many other cheap hiking backpacks, the ATI Rainier has also been designed to host a reservoir (not included) for hands-free hydration (essential to keep the focus on your hiking and to keep your body hydrated regularly while on the way).

A smart music port on the top cover, to comfortably fit the music player of your choice, will help make you feel closer to your favorite tunes wherever you hike, without having to feel the extra weight of your playback device.  The advanced and great looking design, the complete set of features and the quality of the construction material make the ATI Rainier a Top choice if you are scouting the stores or the web in search of a cheap hiking backpack. This one will be a keeper and durable companion of your excursions for many years to come.

Unlike so many top-of-the-line internal frame backpacks that are new to the market for this year. This backpack by ATI is not to be confused with other cheap hiking backpacks. The price is low but this is only because of the massive discount available at amazon.com. I’m talking a whopping 56% off from the original retail price. If that doesn’t get your blood moving then you may just be dead. So get your fingers moving and pick this hiking backpack up before the sale ends and you have to pay big dollars for a backpack this quality.

You’ll have to shop around to find the best price and you can find many more quality backpacks here1.



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