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Seizing your day on the road or with nature has never become so much better with the Altra 75 Backpack. When you have an extra lightweight backpack then it means that you can have more fun. With this pack, you will be able to trail briskly instead of carrying heavy gear. You can even put some extra stuff you need for a more memorable adventure.  An efficient and quality backpack is something that is a good value for money and this one just sealed the deal.

The Altra 75 Backpack is something adventurers need with them as they reach great heights and explore new wonders.  This multi-day trekking bag is not just lightweight but it also has a large volume capacity. Available in two variants, Fireweed and Raven both in regular or tall versions, this bag is the real deal. Its regular model is 2.3 kg/81 oz and can carry around 75 liters up to 82 liters. The tall pack, on the other hand, is 2.4 kg/85 oz and has an ideal 79 liter to 86 liters of load space.
This pack is made especially for hikers and trekkers as it designed to accommodate all the things needed for any nature or road trip.

Altra 75

Altra 75 Backpack is a smart combination of resilient and lightweight conventional material which comes with Arc’teryx’s patented suspension system known as the AC2. This system brings comfort to the maximum level and adequate load control in an ultra light package. This top loading bag presents ultimate convenience in panel-loading thanks to its full length overturned U-zipper. What’s more is that it has breathable and secure shoulder straps and back panel. Its hip belt provides extra comfort for the warm weather. It also has compression wings which are well padded and laminated and comes with a zipper for storage and protection.

Altra 75 Backpack can exceed your expectation of a typical hiking pack. It has more than just compartments and style but it has pure efficiency and innovation. Another amazing feature of this pack is its pivoting hip belt that features a Load Transfer Disc which offers more stability and agility. This pack also has two removable stays made out of aluminum which provides additional support. Nothing is safer than this bag especially with its occipital cavity which offers unhindered head movement.

Its design features a padded bottom and a top grab handle. Every great pack must have a top of the line suspension system and this Altra has got them all.  It has an adjustment system in the shoulder strap known as GridLock, a modular strap for the sternum, triple density hip belt that is thermoformed, and anatomically formed shoulder straps. For closure configuration and pack loading, the Altra 75 backpack has a panel and top loading and extendable collar that come with a drawcord for more storage capacity.

Altra 75 Hiking Backpack Review

This Altra has an extendable and removable top lid with two zippered sections. It has two compression straps on each side and micro daisy chains as a pack attachment feature. This model has more useful pockets that you can expect for a lightweight. It has a map pocket, 2 stretch mesh pockets, hip belt stash pockets (stretch-mesh), and a kangaroo pocket with compression strap. For adequate hydration, the Altra 75 Backpack has an internal hydration compartment with zip, modular hose clip, and HydroPort.

Made from top of the line materials, this backpack is the ultimate trekking partner. Thanks to Arc’Teryx technology, it’s a cost-effective innovation.  The company’s sole purpose is to make the best quality products possible. It operates by combining the best performing materials with the best quality and assembling all of them through ways in order to create the most durable products.
The Altra 75 Backpack is just one of the hundreds of products that Arc’Teryx has shown the world. Adventurers from all walks of life can greatly benefit from what this company has to offer. If you want to have the Arc’Teryx experience why not try out any of its many great products. The backpack is just a teaser and there are many where this comes from.

This backpack is a true symbol of reliability, safety, convenience, comfort, volume, and style. The chains, pockets, straps, foam, stays, and fabric are all made from quality materials blended together especially for Arc’Teryx loyal clients. This can surely last for many years and can be with you for dozens, if not, hundreds of trekking or hiking adventures in the years to come. If you want true value for money, then this pack is the right pick. Find more amazing outdoor and hiking backpacks here style=.

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